Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO today is one part technical, one part unique content and one part commitment. No magic bullet here! Z2 has adapted its SEO practices and methodologies to follow that exact formula and create continuous and sustainable wins for our clients that will last long into the future.

Z2 Media SEO management is specifically focused on performance and maximization of keyword rankings and organic revenue. Our comprehensive management means a complete understanding of your search marketplace, your business' current search outlay and its strengths and weaknesses.

To maximize success early on, we analyze all keyword traffic over the last year (if available) in both paid and organic channels and prioritize our SEO strategy based on impact keywords. Simultaneously, we perform tests on new keywords in your Adwords accounts to quickly measure return and aid in our strategy for future SEO keyword investment.

To best your competition, we analyze your competitor's back links, their on-page keywords and keyword rankings, content, meta-data and even business model to find opportunities and build out a solid success strategy.

At the end of the day our search experts fully understand & manage every aspect of your SEO campaigns day in and day out.