We need leaders in almost all aspects of our lives. Someone to guide us to something. Leaders are the ones who motivate us to reach our goals and help us in striving for it. Leaders are needed for the building of a nation, or organization of any kind. They are the ones to help us in having a better understanding of our goal and help us in clarifying our thoughts. 



There are certain specific traits that make up an effective leader which are as follows:

  1. Having a sense of empathy
  2. Having Communication skills
  3. An ability to have an influence on people
  4. Being a visionary
  5. Having integrity
  6.  Being Responsible
  7. Being Confident
  8. Being organized and reliable

Communicating ability

Having the ability to effectively communicate with people is the most important ability a person needs to have to be a good leader. Everything that a person aims for, will not be fruitful if the leader isn’t even able to explain his ideas to other people. An effective communicator understands his audience, organizes his thoughts quickly and interacts with their audience.



The leader should have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, and how they will do so. Someone who has a clear sense of what they’re doing.



The leader should be a person on whom others can rely on. They need to take responsibility for the important tasks and actions.


Ability to influence

Good leaders do not command others. Instead, they influence and inspire them to do things.  Influencing people is the key towards an effective leadership. A good leader helps individuals of the group they are leading, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and in turn inspire them to be a better individual through their own behaviors. A person becomes influential when they have strong, data-based opinions. It is important to build trust amongst the people you are leading and prove to be a person who is reliable.



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