While most people think that proxy servers help access premium content, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, for free, others believe it helps them stay secure on the internet. The truth, however, is that proxies are vital and can accomplish much for your business. Merely put, they act as an intermediary mechanism between a PC containing a private IP address and a server on the web. You can use cold proxy servers for various reasons. Read on to learn why you need them.

Improve Corporate Security

All companies in the current era are anxious about potential hackers. Any data breach that may happen in your organisation is costly, both financially and in your clients’ eyes. Here is where a cold proxy server kicks in as it lowers the chances of any breach. Basically, it adds an extra security layer between your server and the outside traffic.

Perform Sensitive Tasks Anonymously

A proxy server is popular for having the capability to anonymise browsing. Regrettably, most business owners fail to recognise the significance of this feature for the company. A potential spy attempting to track your web activity will not find out what your organisation is doing.

Regulate the Staff’s Internet Use

As a business owner, you would not like your staff to access inappropriate or insecure websites from the company networks. This is one reason why your internal networks need to run on a proxy server. Whenever a network runs on a proxy, the network admin can regulate the devices that get access to the network as well as the sites that these smart gadgets can access.

Bandwidth Savings and Fast Speeds

You can use proxy servers to save bandwidth and increase the speeds on a network by caching files and pages accessed by many visitors, compressing traffic or even eliminate ads from the sites. Usually, this will free up the bandwidth on busy networks. In the end, the users will efficiently and quickly access the internet.


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